My 5 ideas to spoil your green friend

(Or how to please your slightly grainy friend while respecting her values)

We all have a friend whom we would like to please for Christmas but who pays attention to her ecological impact. It's often difficult to find a gift that won't make her cringe!

I invite you to discover 5 Quebec companies (including mine, huh ;) ) that I love (and that I know you can buy from them with confidence!) For many of these companies, the packaging that will be used for send you your order is recovered, in whole or in part, don't take the leap!

1-Reusable gift packaging that you will be proud to offer
Twine and Bundle

Several years ago, I stood in line at the checkout at a pharmacy to pay for all the disposable wrapping paper and ribbons to make my gifts look pretty. And it hit me right in the face. But what am I doing here? All this will be collected in the trash in 3 days! I put everything back in its place and went home empty-handed. That year, I wrapped my presents with newspaper and decorated with pinecones and cedar branches picked up in my yard. I've never bought gift wrap except...

Those of Ficelle and Baluchon! They are handmade by Andrée-Anne, in several formats. She even created reusable "tissue paper" into fabrics for an even more gorgeous look! It only takes a few minutes to have a gift ready to offer and whose packaging can be reused again and again, since they are made of fabrics and they are WASHABLE!!
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2- Reinvented snack bags
The little kit

Wait a bit before going straight. I know you already know fabric snack and sandwich bags! But you don't know the ones in the little kit ;)

Stéphanie is one of the pioneers in Quebec in terms of reusable snack bags. She even made me try this, more than 6 years ago :)

Since then, she has created a new model, the Doggy bag. Why do I find it so great? It's designed so the rim rolls up, and it has a flat bottom, so it stands upright instead of emptying onto the table! In addition, for all its models, instead of being PUL like most other bags, it is a waterproof ProCare lining. It's food safe and in my opinion much easier to wash, because the liner pulls out of the bag, so the inside washes as much as the outside, unlike most other companies.

3-Jewelry made from reclaimed glass
Ariadne's thread jewelry

I grant you, this suggestion is a little less practical than the others. But as the earrings are made of glass recovered from an empty bottle, I think that compensates a bit! Worse, we like to wear beautiful jewelry, especially when it saves empty bottles!

Bad good. I'm a little sold, you know, I'm the one making them!

The ones in this photo were made from a bottle of Irish cream, but there are many other colours, made with other bottles: wine, gin, beer, vodka... The glass is cut and then melted at 1600 degrees F and will be mounted on a stainless steel base (guaranteed allergy free ;) )

4-Solid shampoo and cream conditioner
Bubbles and Calendula

No more plastic bottles ;) Bulle et Calendules offers lots of top-of-the-range cosmetics, and for having tried several of its products, it's not just a show! Its crazy foam shampoo, lasts long and revitalizes it... It leaves the hair really, really soft!

When I still had the shop on the street, I had a lot of good comments from my customers. It is therefore with great confidence that I recommend them! If your friend hasn't already converted to solid shampoos, I think it would be a great thing to introduce her to it!

And if you're ever unsure which one to buy, write to Mélanie, you'll see, she'll be able to guide you!

5-Another classic: beeswax wraps
Stefy Artist

It's still quite new in Quebec, but many use them or have already heard of them. Packaging made of waxed fabrics (with beeswax) is really practical! And when they are embellished with Stefy's illustrations, it's even better!

What's the point? Pack your food! Basically, we use it everywhere we use plastic wrap! I like to use them to wrap a piece of cheese in my lunch, my daughter uses them for her sandwiches. It's fun because when you open it, it also looks like a placemat!

We also like to use it as a packaging for a small gift, with the wax, it stays folded, with a string all around, it holds well and it's original! The recipient can then wash it and use it. Two birds with one stone!


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