Allergy-free, guaranteed!

If you tend to react easily to your earrings, I strongly recommend you to take the silver colored ones. 99.9% of women have no problem with silver colored ones (avoid gold and rose-gold for the first order)

Everything is done so that you do not react to the ears. If you ever feel any discomfort while wearing your earrings, please contact me.

Working with upcycled glass?

I think it is fun artisans who work with recycled materials, it's good for the planet!

It seems for example, sometimes, when it's recycled, it looks like… to come out of the recycling bin, precisely.

You think?

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All jewelry is made from upcycled glass?

No, I also use new glass. I love the incredible shine and richness of colors of dichroic glass. That's why it still has a very special place in my jewelry collection!

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